Redact officially available now

Posted at 2005-03-29

So here it is. Redact 0.1.0 has surfaced!

If you ever thought that developing Edjes with edje_cc, the official Edje compiler was a PITA, Redact will probably ease your pain!

No more messing around with crappy CPP macros that won't work right for some unknown reason, and don't work equally well on all platforms (hello OS X!). The downside is that you'll need to know some Ruby to make good use of Redact, but Ruby is an awesome language anyway, that's worth to learn :)

Get your copy of Redact!

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Ruby-EET: image compression goodness

Posted at 2005-03-29

Ruby-EET 0.1.1 is out.

Changes: Eet::File#write_image and Eet::File#read_image now support compression parameters (lossy/lossless, compression level, quality).

Download at the usual place.

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Ruby-EET 0.1.0

Posted at 2005-03-27

Ruby-EET 0.1.0 has been released.

Go download and play with it now :)

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Subversion repository move

Posted at 2005-03-26

The Subversion repositories for Ruby-EET and Redact have been moved to and, respectively.

Expect releases of both of these two packages RSN :)


Embrace 0.0.2

Posted at 2005-03-25

Embrace 0.0.2 has been released. The only new feature is that you can now right-click a mailbox icon to force a check on that mailbox. The themes now use the new extension for Edjes, which is ".edj" instead of the ambigious ".eet". A bug that could lead to compilation errors has been fixed; Embrace didn't check for EDB in configure.

Get Embrace 0.0.2.

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Tilman the piranha

Posted at 2005-03-17

I've recently begun playing Nethack. I'm pretty bad, but it's still fun.

Tonight I stepped on a polymorph trap by accident (i.e., I'm a fn retard), which polymorphed my character into a piranha! Alright, I was told I just had to kill myself to be morphed into human shape back again, but unfortunately, you cannot easily commit suicide if you're a freaking fish :)

Throwing a dagger won't work, because "You are physically incapable of throwing anything". Yay. Kicking a boulder won't work, because "You have no legs to kick with.". Yay! So I dropped all the stuff I still wore, and decided to go look for a monster to kill me. The first monster I noticed was a jelly something, which I didn't dare to fight. Problem was, after this, a Mumak showed up, which is a pretty tough one. When I ran (err, moved) away from the Mumak, I stepped into a teleportation trap which teleported me to the stairs up to mine town. So I decided to go to mine town and have one of the Gnome guards kill me. Worked out well. Next problem was, that there's a Mumak down there 'guarding' my stash >:|

I went to the temple in mine town, where I still had some swords and armor. Pretty crappy gear, though. When I entered the dungeon again, I managed to trick the Mumak, and it looked as if I could reach my stash safely! I could even evade the jelly something, only to whiteness a Gnome king who found my stash and zapped my nice Wand of Lightning at me! I died instantly ;)

Right now I think I won't touch Nethack ever again. But I'll prolly gonna change my mind soonish ;)

You can view the last part of that journey with ttyplay, I guess it's pretty entertaining when you know about Nethack :)


XMMS2 and AudioScrobbler

Posted at 2005-03-13

So I started to work on an AudioScrobbler client for XMMS2 some time ago, and now it's stable enough to tell people about it :)

Learn more about XMMS2-Scrobbler.

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