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GKrellM giFT monitors your active giFT transfers and their progress. Each transfer is displayed in a panel showing the filename and the percentage of transmitted bytes. There's also a chart showing the current speed of the transfers.


The latest release is: 0.2.3

View the ChangeLog.


To install, just run the usual ./configure && make followed by make install - the plugin will be copied to ~/.gkrellm2/plugins/ then.

To compile it, you will need GTK+ 2.0/2.2/2.4, libgiFT (ships with giFT) and GKrellM 2.1.23 or greater.

If the configure script doesn't find the GKrellM headers or libgiFT, use

./configure --with-gkrellm=/foo --with-libgiFT=/bar

to tell the configure script where to find those. Replace /foo and /bar with the prefix GKrellM/libgiFT is installed in.


Using the plugin's config dialog, you can set a number of options:

  • System to connect to: host and port. Should be self-explanatory. These describe the system on which the giFT daemon runs you want to connect to. When you first run the plugin, it will try to read ~/.giFT/ui/ui.conf to figure out these settings. If that file isn't readable, the default host and port will be used, which is localhost:1213.
  • Transfer colors: These are the colors used to draw the text in the panels.
  • Max. downloads/uploads to display: if there are more downloads/uploads than the value you set here, these transfers won't be shown until some other transfer finishes.
  • Format string for chart label: Defines which information is displayed in the chart. Available variables/control characters include:
    • GKrellM's standard variables
    • $Sd: downloads speed
    • $Su: uploads speed
    • $Td: number of current downloads
    • $Tu: number of current uploads
    • $Tt: number of downloads and uploads
    • $Us: Number of users
  • Both the transfer panels and the chart can be turned off.


Themes can supply files called "icon_up.png" and "icon_down.png" (or with the other valid extensions) in the "giFT" subdirectry to change to images put in front of the transfer tabs.