Showing off Multipass

Posted at 2005-04-28

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vrln on #edevelop asked me for a new Euphoria shot, and here it is. I recently begun implementing a playlist, so far, it looks pretty nice :D


Redact 0.1.1

Posted at 2005-04-25

I released Redact 0.1.1. Changes include a bunch of new features and a few bug fixes. The docs have the details :)

Grab your copy.

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Redact code and Embryo snippets

Posted at 2005-04-20

In case you're already using Redact to write Edjes (and you know you should!), here's a nice way to properly hilight inlined Embryo code in Vim.

Grab the ruby-small syntax file, and copy it to ~/.vim/syntax.

Now, whenever you put some Embryo/Small code in an Edje, do it like this:

blah.script =<SMALL
/* Embryo code goes here */

That is, put the Embryo code into an heredoc that uses "SMALL" as the delimiter. If you set the syntax for the buffer to "ruby-small" now, the code inside the heredoc will be formatted as Embryo code :)

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Subversion repository news

Posted at 2005-04-19

The public Subversion repositories are now available by http, too. The URL is

Also, you may now access the repositories anonymously. The "guest" account is still enabled, though.

You can also browse the repositories with viewcvs now.

Finally, I have created a new repository for the Multipass theme for Euphoria, called "multipass-eu". This is the rewritten code, so you'll need Redact to build it.

svn co multipass-eu


Ruby-EET 0.1.2

Posted at 2005-04-09

Just a boring maintenance release.

Rake 0.5.3 has been released today, which broke Ruby-EET's test target.

So here's Ruby-EET 0.1.2, which makes the test target work with the latest Rake, too.

Sorry, no exciting changes this time! :)

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