Back from RockHard Festival

Posted at 2005-05-15

I went to RockHard Festival yesterday, mainly to see Sonata Arctica and Amon Amarth.

Before Sonata Arctica played, we watched the gigs of Ensiferum and Samael. Ensiferum were great, good music and a cute keyboarder <3

I only heard a couple of songs Samael so far, so I was very impressed of Samael's performance. A friend of mine described their music as a kind of 'black metal techno' and that's pretty close. The band is pretty sick, but in a nice way :D I guess I'll have to get some of their records.

Sonata Arctica's performance was fn amazing, they had a good setlist and the band really seemed to have enjoyed the gig :)

Here's their setlist (order b0rked most likely):

  • Misplaced
  • Blinded No More
  • Victoria's Secret
  • My Land
  • Broken
  • FullMoon
  • 8th Commandment
  • Black Sheep
  • Don't Say A Word
  • The Cage
  • Vodka Song

Man, after that gig I'd like to have spent some time in an oxygen tent :D

30 minutes later, Amon Amarth entered the stage and the crowd went totally crazy! Their performance was awesome, the setlist was pretty good as well:

  • An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm
  • For The Stabwounds In Our Backs
  • The Pursuit Of Vikings
  • Bleed For Ancient Gods
  • The Fate Of Norns
  • Bloodshed
  • Masters Of War
  • Where Silent Gods Stand Guard
  • Victorious March
  • Death In Fire

I had just hoped they'd play The Sound Of Eight Hooves, The Last With Pagan Blood or Once Sealed In Blood :)

After these two gigs I was fn tired, so I didn't stand in the before the stage when Children Of Bodom played, but watched them from the seats :D

Towards the end of the show, it began to rain and we left without seeing the final band, Jon Oliva's Pain. Neither me nor my friends knew him anyway (besides the fact that he's the singer of Savatage :D).