Embrace2 niceness

Posted at 2006-07-13

Whoa, long time no update here. But finally I've got some good news ;)

The next version of Embrace has been brewing for almost half a year now, and it's finally stable enough to ask people to test it :)

Note that it's a not just another maintenance update, but a whole new app. Instead of showing all your mailboxes all the time, Embrace2 will only show those which you are likely interested in - that's the ones that contain new (= unread) mail.

It only supports IMAP so far, but if enough people ask for other protocols, I might implement them.

You can get the code from the git repository:

git clone git://git.code-monkey.de/embrace.git

Then, run "rake install". Afterwards, grab this config file example, adapt it to your needs (should be obvious what to change) and copy it to ~/.e/apps/embrace/config.yaml.

Let me know how you like it!