Enthrall gets X damage and Theora support

Posted at 2006-10-23

I did some more work on Enthrall a bit in the past two weeks.

Enthrall is my screen capture (screen casting) application, built on Ecore and Imlib2. For some two years it would only dump screenshots at the specified interval that you could encode into an avi or whatever. Now I added support for the X damage extension, to only update dirty areas in the captured window. That gave me a nice performance boost (I have no numbers to actually back this up though).

Next I made it encode the captured images into Ogg Theora directly, without dumping the screen shots on the disk. So now Theora is the only format you'll get with Enthrall, but I think it should be good enough for everyone. It's noticably faster than before, which is pretty cool.


Another Evas::Smart API break

Posted at 2006-10-01

The Evas::Smart hooks, on_show, on_hide etc were clashing with the Evas::EvasObject event methods. So I renamed the Evas::Smart hooks to smart_show, smart_hide etc.

I doubt anyone but me uses this shit anyway so it shouldn't be too bad ;)

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