Stocking up on Matrox cards

Posted at 2007-02-03

I'm not sure why, but in September or October last year I decided to do more work on the MGA driver for Xorg. Back then the only card I had was a G450 Marvel eTV, so I figured it would be good to have more cards to test stuff on. I probably wanted to test the EXA code on other cards, too. Later last year I wanted to improve/fix DVI and dual head support which meant I actually had to get a DH card.

So in the last four months I grabbed a bunch of MGA cards, and the list now looks like this:

  • G200. One VGA output. Pretty boring, but it's good to have around for regression tests.
  • G450 Marvel eTV. One VGA output, TV out, TV in.
  • G450 Dual Head. Two VGA outputs.
  • G450 DVI. One DVI output, but it comes with a cable that gives you two VGA outputs.
  • G550 Dual DVI. Features Matrox' LFH60 connector.
  • G550 DVI/VGA. One VGA output, one DVI output.

I think I should also get one of the oldish Millenium (2064?) cards, because they got a different DAC than the newer ones. Having a G400 dual head would be good, too, cause dual head is completely (?) different as compared to G450/G550 on that card (Maven I2C madness).

At the moment I'm trying to reorganize the MGA code into CRTC and output specific parts, to support RandR 1.2 sanely. That should help making the code much more readable, too.

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