Ruby-EET 0.1.4

Posted at 2007-03-23

Just when you thought Ruby-EET was unmaintained, I go ahead and make another release. So here's Ruby-EET 0.1.4.

This is a boring maintenance release though, no exciting features this time.

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Dear Interweb, fix my EXA

Posted at 2007-03-18

I finally pushed the initial bits of MGA RandR1.2 support earlier. It's not finished, so it might fry your card. Just don't use it yet.

There's one pretty annoying problem, too. Somehow I managed to break the UploadToScreen hook that's needed for EXA. So, someone fix that please. kthxbye.


Heh. In the current xorg-server, the default migration scheme for EXA has been changed from "greedy" to "always" -- making it use "greedy" again miraculously fixes UploadToScreen.

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MGA RandR1.2 progress

Posted at 2007-03-10

I finally had some progress with RandR1.2 support in the MGA driver: Yesterday I got mergedfb to work on my G450 dual VGA. It's not perfect yet, eg I cannot go from clone mode (CRTC2 inactive) to mergedfb, instead I need to fire up CRTC2 from the start. That should be fixable though. I expect that adding support for DVI (at least single DVI) will be easy as well.

Expect the code to hit git in a few days :)

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Jagged Alliance 2 ported to UNIX

Posted at 2007-03-10

Two weeks ago I found ja2-stracciatella. The guys ported Jagged Alliance 2 to UNIX/SDL, and it's already working nearly perfectly. I started hacking on it as well; currently I'm finishing sound support for the game.