Embrace 0.1.0

Posted at 2007-08-27

So I finally decided to make a tarball of Embrace2 and call it v0.1.0. Embrace2 is an IMAP mailbox checker/monitor (a la biff) with some eye candy, based on the EFL.

This one is more usable than 0.0.x (cause it only shows the mailboxes that carry new mail, which is probably what you're interested in). It's also cuter, since it has nice animations for incoming new mail etc.

This has been rotting unreleased on my hdd for a long time now, but I think there might be some people who find a use for it. The screenshot doesn't really do it justice, but my stupid screen capture program doesn't work with ARGB windows, which makes it look silly. So no AVI today.


MGA status update

Posted at 2007-08-11

Now that this craptastic blog thing is working again it's time for an mga status update \o/

The randr-1.2 branch is in a nice state. Last week idr told me how to do output detection with the vbios' PInS block, so now the driver automatically creates the output objects corresponding to the hardware. This makes the driver usable without having to edit the source code \o/

I tested all of my cards with that output detection code, and almost all of them passed. The one that didn't is my G450 DVI, which has a single DVI connector. Unsurprisingly the PInS data says exactly that. However, I got the card with a DVI -> 2 * VGA adapter cable. If that cable is plugged in, we want to have two VGA outputs instead. So it looks like I'll really have to make it possible to override output detection in xorg.conf :/

The G550 dual dvi still has the same stupid problems as always. Another big issue is hardware cursor support. The problem is that Matrox' G series cards only have one hardware cursor, which is tied to CRTC1. For the 2nd CRTC, there's no hardware cursor. Unfortunately, the randr 1.2 API for hardware cursors works correctly only if every CRTC has a hardware cursor, so we can't use it (yet).

I've also done some EXA work--it seems that most (all?) of my previous tests were flawed. I think that EXA's pixmap migration caused EXA not calling into the MGA code for all operations. A few days ago I told it to always migrate pixmaps from system to video RAM and vice versa, and voila, GTK+ apps were unusable because all those nice Over blends that it does were fucked up. Anyway, I managed to fix that. Doing full rendercheck runs on G450 and G550 then revealed that the A8 writes problem isn't fixed at all. Previously I thought that only Add operations on A8 textures were b0rked, but it turns out that all A8 writes are broken. On both the G450 and G550. Bogus tests ftw \o/

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