New GnuPG key

Posted at 2007-09-29

I had to create a new GnuPG key, because the old one expired today.

Grab the new public key, the fingerprint is E3B5 FB50 70F3 376F 53C9 9957 EADC 791F 5E58 7462.


Blogs suck

Posted at 2006-04-29

Blogs suck. I don't want to maintain typo on, so I wrote my own crappy non-blogging system. Atom feeds don't work yet, and there's probably more broken functionality.


Site reworked again

Posted at 2005-12-30

So I reworked again - it's now powered by Typo.

Subversion repositories are down for the moment, but will be available again shortly.


Subversion repository news

Posted at 2005-04-19

The public Subversion repositories are now available by http, too. The URL is

Also, you may now access the repositories anonymously. The "guest" account is still enabled, though.

You can also browse the repositories with viewcvs now.

Finally, I have created a new repository for the Multipass theme for Euphoria, called "multipass-eu". This is the rewritten code, so you'll need Redact to build it.

svn co multipass-eu


Subversion repository move

Posted at 2005-03-26

The Subversion repositories for Ruby-EET and Redact have been moved to and, respectively.

Expect releases of both of these two packages RSN :)


Site moved to Hobix

Posted at 2005-02-04

Whoa, I moved to Hobix, why's blogging system. All the important content should be available again, if you miss anything, let me know :)