Embrace 0.1.0

Posted at 2007-08-27

So I finally decided to make a tarball of Embrace2 and call it v0.1.0. Embrace2 is an IMAP mailbox checker/monitor (a la biff) with some eye candy, based on the EFL.

This one is more usable than 0.0.x (cause it only shows the mailboxes that carry new mail, which is probably what you're interested in). It's also cuter, since it has nice animations for incoming new mail etc.

This has been rotting unreleased on my hdd for a long time now, but I think there might be some people who find a use for it. The screenshot doesn't really do it justice, but my stupid screen capture program doesn't work with ARGB windows, which makes it look silly. So no AVI today.


Embrace2 niceness

Posted at 2006-07-13

Whoa, long time no update here. But finally I've got some good news ;)

The next version of Embrace has been brewing for almost half a year now, and it's finally stable enough to ask people to test it :)

Note that it's a not just another maintenance update, but a whole new app. Instead of showing all your mailboxes all the time, Embrace2 will only show those which you are likely interested in - that's the ones that contain new (= unread) mail.

It only supports IMAP so far, but if enough people ask for other protocols, I might implement them.

You can get the code from the git repository:

git clone git://git.code-monkey.de/embrace.git

Then, run "rake install". Afterwards, grab this config file example, adapt it to your needs (should be obvious what to change) and copy it to ~/.e/apps/embrace/config.yaml.

Let me know how you like it!


Embrace 0.0.2

Posted at 2005-03-25

Embrace 0.0.2 has been released. The only new feature is that you can now right-click a mailbox icon to force a check on that mailbox. The themes now use the new extension for Edjes, which is ".edj" instead of the ambigious ".eet". A bug that could lead to compilation errors has been fixed; Embrace didn't check for EDB in configure.

Get Embrace 0.0.2.

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Introducing Embrace

Posted at 2005-02-13

It's almost a year since I first committed Embrace into the E CVS repository, a week ago I made the first public release 0.0.1 and so I thought it was a good idea to have a page for Embrace on this site. Learn more about Embrace.

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