Another Evas::Smart API break

Posted at 2006-10-01

The Evas::Smart hooks, on_show, on_hide etc were clashing with the Evas::EvasObject event methods. So I renamed the Evas::Smart hooks to smart_show, smart_hide etc.

I doubt anyone but me uses this shit anyway so it shouldn't be too bad ;)

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Cleaning up Ruby-EFL

Posted at 2006-02-22

Wow. I wrote most of Ruby-EFL (that's everything but Ruby-EET :P) in summer 2004, when I knew close to nothing about Ruby's internals and its C api. It shows. I recently started writing another application with it, and noticed that you couldn't even inherit from Ecore::Evas::SoftwareX11, for example. That's because I implemented for all of the classes instead of writing a proper initialize method. Fixing that up led to some great code cleanup, and I'm very happy with the codebase now. These changes are fully backwards compatible, too.

The API has changed for Ecore::EventHandler. You now add event handlers like this: { |ev| ... }

ie you just pass the event class instead of a stupid constant :)

The next thing I poked at is the Evas::Smart API. Not sure what I was thinking when I wrote the Ruby class back then...

Now it works like this:

# Inherit from Evas::Smart
# Done :D

The name for the smart class will be generated from the class path of the Ruby class. That way you cannot customize it but I don't think anyone would want to do so anyway.

Sorry 'bout the API b0rkage, but I think you'll agree that it's mucho better now :)


Whoops, I forgot to write about how it's now possible to define Ecore events in Ruby :)

It's really easy, look:

class SomethingEvent < Ecore::Event
    attr_reader :foo, :bar

    def initialize(arg1, arg2)

        @foo, @bar = arg1, arg2

To raise that event, you'd call:

SomethingEvent.raise(arg1, arg2)

Isn't that nice? :)

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Woobie Edjing goodness

Posted at 2005-09-21

I worked a bit on Redact in the last few days, and I decided they were important enough to release Redact 0.1.5.

Most important changes: ImageDescription#set_border was broken badly, this is fixed now. On the feature side, I added Description#inherit, which works similar to the "inherit" keyword in EDC.

Get your copy now :)

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Redact 0.1.4

Posted at 2005-08-25

Some weeks ago, I implemented the missing ImageDescription attributes in Redact, so here's Redact 0.1.4, finally.

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Redact 0.1.3

Posted at 2005-06-14

Whoops, I broke Redact in the 0.1.2 release: if you didn't supply the output filename, Redact would crash.

I just released Redact 0.1.3, which fixes that error.

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Redact 0.1.2

Posted at 2005-06-11

So Redact 0.1.2 has been unleashed.

The most important change is probably that the --image_dir and --font_dir command line switches now actually work :) I also fixed a number of minor bugs, see NEWS in the online documentation for details.

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Redact 0.1.1

Posted at 2005-04-25

I released Redact 0.1.1. Changes include a bunch of new features and a few bug fixes. The docs have the details :)

Grab your copy.

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Redact code and Embryo snippets

Posted at 2005-04-20

In case you're already using Redact to write Edjes (and you know you should!), here's a nice way to properly hilight inlined Embryo code in Vim.

Grab the ruby-small syntax file, and copy it to ~/.vim/syntax.

Now, whenever you put some Embryo/Small code in an Edje, do it like this:

blah.script =<SMALL
/* Embryo code goes here */

That is, put the Embryo code into an heredoc that uses "SMALL" as the delimiter. If you set the syntax for the buffer to "ruby-small" now, the code inside the heredoc will be formatted as Embryo code :)

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Redact officially available now

Posted at 2005-03-29

So here it is. Redact 0.1.0 has surfaced!

If you ever thought that developing Edjes with edje_cc, the official Edje compiler was a PITA, Redact will probably ease your pain!

No more messing around with crappy CPP macros that won't work right for some unknown reason, and don't work equally well on all platforms (hello OS X!). The downside is that you'll need to know some Ruby to make good use of Redact, but Ruby is an awesome language anyway, that's worth to learn :)

Get your copy of Redact!

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Embrace 0.0.2

Posted at 2005-03-25

Embrace 0.0.2 has been released. The only new feature is that you can now right-click a mailbox icon to force a check on that mailbox. The themes now use the new extension for Edjes, which is ".edj" instead of the ambigious ".eet". A bug that could lead to compilation errors has been fixed; Embrace didn't check for EDB in configure.

Get Embrace 0.0.2.

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