Tilman the piranha

Posted at 2005-03-17

I've recently begun playing Nethack. I'm pretty bad, but it's still fun.

Tonight I stepped on a polymorph trap by accident (i.e., I'm a fn retard), which polymorphed my character into a piranha! Alright, I was told I just had to kill myself to be morphed into human shape back again, but unfortunately, you cannot easily commit suicide if you're a freaking fish :)

Throwing a dagger won't work, because "You are physically incapable of throwing anything". Yay. Kicking a boulder won't work, because "You have no legs to kick with.". Yay! So I dropped all the stuff I still wore, and decided to go look for a monster to kill me. The first monster I noticed was a jelly something, which I didn't dare to fight. Problem was, after this, a Mumak showed up, which is a pretty tough one. When I ran (err, moved) away from the Mumak, I stepped into a teleportation trap which teleported me to the stairs up to mine town. So I decided to go to mine town and have one of the Gnome guards kill me. Worked out well. Next problem was, that there's a Mumak down there 'guarding' my stash >:|

I went to the temple in mine town, where I still had some swords and armor. Pretty crappy gear, though. When I entered the dungeon again, I managed to trick the Mumak, and it looked as if I could reach my stash safely! I could even evade the jelly something, only to whiteness a Gnome king who found my stash and zapped my nice Wand of Lightning at me! I died instantly ;)

Right now I think I won't touch Nethack ever again. But I'll prolly gonna change my mind soonish ;)

You can view the last part of that journey with ttyplay, I guess it's pretty entertaining when you know about Nethack :)