Ruby stuff moved to git

Posted at 2007-04-08

I have moved ruby-eet, ruby-evas, ruby-edje, ruby-ecore and ruby-esmart from Subversion to git. Instructions to get the latest code are on the respective project pages, gitweb is available, too.

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Ruby-EET 0.1.4

Posted at 2007-03-23

Just when you thought Ruby-EET was unmaintained, I go ahead and make another release. So here's Ruby-EET 0.1.4.

This is a boring maintenance release though, no exciting features this time.

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Ruby-EET 0.1.3

Posted at 2005-06-02

I just released Ruby-EET 0.1.3.

There aren't any new features, but I rewrote most of the Object serializing code in C, which resulted in a nice speed-up. I don't have any fancy benchmarks though, since I just tested with Redact.

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Ruby-EET 0.1.2

Posted at 2005-04-09

Just a boring maintenance release.

Rake 0.5.3 has been released today, which broke Ruby-EET's test target.

So here's Ruby-EET 0.1.2, which makes the test target work with the latest Rake, too.

Sorry, no exciting changes this time! :)

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Ruby-EET: image compression goodness

Posted at 2005-03-29

Ruby-EET 0.1.1 is out.

Changes: Eet::File#write_image and Eet::File#read_image now support compression parameters (lossy/lossless, compression level, quality).

Download at the usual place.

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Ruby-EET 0.1.0

Posted at 2005-03-27

Ruby-EET 0.1.0 has been released.

Go download and play with it now :)

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