Leaving for Wacken Open Air

Posted at 2006-08-02

I'll leave for Wacken Open Air in about an hour. There's some nice bands on the billing, I can't wait to see Legion of the Damned (again), Arch Enemy and Amon Amarth :D I'll write about how the festival has been going when I'm back on sunday.

In other news, I've written a Ruby extension to read and write vorbis comments since all of the existing vorbis extensions only have read-only support. I'll use it to synchronize vorbis comments with MusicBrainz.


Wacken 2006 was cool. We were camping with/near friends of a co-worker of my friend, and some of them are nice guys :D

Weird enough, we also met some guys that were camping with us last year, by chance. wtf, there's only 50.000 people in Wacken or something. Cheers to Alex, who even still knew my name \o/

Opeth is cool, especially Mikael Ã…kerfeldt. In Extremo and Arch Enemy are good live. Yay for Legion of the Damned. Amon Amarth = disappointing. Too lazy to write more now.

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