Multi-scrobbling at last!

Posted at 2009-12-30

New XMMS2-Scrobbler release. Better than ever: multi-scrobbling is supported now. users rejoice! See README for the details.

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XMMS2-Scrobbler 0.3.0 released

Posted at 2009-05-10

So here's an XMMS2-Scrobbler release that will work with the recently released DrMattDestruction. This new version is witten in C instead of Ruby (so it's much less memory hungry) and includes support for's now-playing notifications.

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XMMS2-Scrobbler 0.2.1

Posted at 2008-04-18

New XMMS2-Scrobbler. Thanks to rafl, the lock file issues should be gone now.

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XMMS2-Scrobbler 0.2.0

Posted at 2007-10-18

Last week I updated XMMS2-Scrobbler to the latest version of the AudioScrobbler protocol. Their guidelines on when to submit a song that has been played have been simplified a bit, which also means that I could kill some of my code. Otherwise the protocol changes aren't that exciting for XMMS2 users IMO. The other new thing is "now playing" notifications.

So: XMMS2-Scrobbler 0.2.0.

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Return of the Britney Filter

Posted at 2006-09-08

Remember XMMS2's Britney Filter? You probably don't ;)

But anyway, the Britney Filter now returned as a submission filter in XMMS2-Scrobbler. So if you secretly listen to Britney but don't want the world ( to know it, here's the solution, finally!

Check the code out in xmms2-scrobbler.git.

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XMMS2-Scrobbler 0.1.2

Posted at 2006-09-08

I just packaged XMMS2-Scrobbler 0.1.2. This release features proxy support which was contributed by Alexander Rigbo.

This release works with both DrFeelgood or DrGonzo (RC1 and later). If you can, give it a spin w/ DrGonzo TEST1 so we know how it's doing :)

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XMMS2-Scrobbler 0.1

Posted at 2006-08-26

XMMS2-Scrobbler 0.1 has been released yesterday.

The code was stable for a while now, so I don't expect too much trouble.

Note that this release will work with both our latest XMMS2 development release, DrFeelgood and the development branch.

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XMMS2 Ruby bindings API breakage

Posted at 2006-03-12

Dan "puzzles" Chokola recently convinced me that the naming choices for the XMMS2 module and class in the Ruby bindings isn't quite perfect.

We used to have a module called "XmmsClient" that holds a class also called "XmmsClient".

The module has been renamed to "Xmms", and the class is now simply called "Client".

xmms2-scrobbler, Euphoria (cough) and Snett have been updated already. So if you see any error related to the module/class names, make sure you run the latest code of everything :)

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XMMS2-Scrobbler news

Posted at 2005-08-24

XMMS2-Scrobbler has been reworked in the last few days.

Rejoice, it now doesn't depend on Ecore and Ruby-Ecore anymore. Instead, it uses the event-loop Ruby package. Since that one isn't officially released yet, I put up a preliminary Ruby gem over here.

Also, some parts of the code now use multi-threading, which means that submission will work much better now.

XMMS2-Scrobbler is now hosted in a git repository on

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XMMS2 and AudioScrobbler

Posted at 2005-03-13

So I started to work on an AudioScrobbler client for XMMS2 some time ago, and now it's stable enough to tell people about it :)

Learn more about XMMS2-Scrobbler.

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