Multi-scrobbling at last!

Posted at 2009-12-30

New XMMS2-Scrobbler release. Better than ever: multi-scrobbling is supported now. users rejoice! See README for the details.

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XMMS2-Scrobbler 0.3.0 released

Posted at 2009-05-10

So here's an XMMS2-Scrobbler release that will work with the recently released DrMattDestruction. This new version is witten in C instead of Ruby (so it's much less memory hungry) and includes support for's now-playing notifications.

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XMMS2-Scrobbler 0.2.1

Posted at 2008-04-18

New XMMS2-Scrobbler. Thanks to rafl, the lock file issues should be gone now.

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XMMS2-Scrobbler 0.2.0

Posted at 2007-10-18

Last week I updated XMMS2-Scrobbler to the latest version of the AudioScrobbler protocol. Their guidelines on when to submit a song that has been played have been simplified a bit, which also means that I could kill some of my code. Otherwise the protocol changes aren't that exciting for XMMS2 users IMO. The other new thing is "now playing" notifications.

So: XMMS2-Scrobbler 0.2.0.

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Return of the Britney Filter

Posted at 2006-09-08

Remember XMMS2's Britney Filter? You probably don't ;)

But anyway, the Britney Filter now returned as a submission filter in XMMS2-Scrobbler. So if you secretly listen to Britney but don't want the world ( to know it, here's the solution, finally!

Check the code out in xmms2-scrobbler.git.

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XMMS2-Scrobbler 0.1.2

Posted at 2006-09-08

I just packaged XMMS2-Scrobbler 0.1.2. This release features proxy support which was contributed by Alexander Rigbo.

This release works with both DrFeelgood or DrGonzo (RC1 and later). If you can, give it a spin w/ DrGonzo TEST1 so we know how it's doing :)

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XMMS2-Scrobbler 0.1

Posted at 2006-08-26

XMMS2-Scrobbler 0.1 has been released yesterday.

The code was stable for a while now, so I don't expect too much trouble.

Note that this release will work with both our latest XMMS2 development release, DrFeelgood and the development branch.

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Snett 0.0.2

Posted at 2006-04-07

Just released Snett 0.0.2. No major new features, but this one will work with DrDoolittle just fine \o/

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XMMS2 Ruby bindings API breakage

Posted at 2006-03-12

Dan "puzzles" Chokola recently convinced me that the naming choices for the XMMS2 module and class in the Ruby bindings isn't quite perfect.

We used to have a module called "XmmsClient" that holds a class also called "XmmsClient".

The module has been renamed to "Xmms", and the class is now simply called "Client".

xmms2-scrobbler, Euphoria (cough) and Snett have been updated already. So if you see any error related to the module/class names, make sure you run the latest code of everything :)

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Recent hackings

Posted at 2006-01-29

A week ago, I thought about making an XMMS2 client that works like [strange-quark": strange-quark sits in your desktop's system tray (sometimes wrongly called notification area) and pops up a context menu that offers basic Quark control.

So I hacked up "snett", based on ruby-gtk2. snett doesn't go into the system tray, because the freedesktop system tray spec says only transient windows should go there. Another reason is that there doesn't seem to be any system tray app that implements the balloon message feature correctly. This includes docker, trayer and peksystray. It's worth noting that trayer seems to be an ugly hack of fbpanel and its tray plugin (don't look at the code, it will hurt your eyes). Most of these trayer apps seem to be based on the tray manager code from libegg. Interesting enough, that code seems to implement the balloon message feature, but apparently it's buggy and I couldn't figure out how to fix it.

So at the moment, snett just sits on your desktop as any other (borderless) window, but I think it should go into the panel/dock/wharf/slit.

Anyway, here's a preview version.

To run it, you'll have to apply this patch to ruby-gtk2, which fixes some really nice (read: silly) bugs :)

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